Online Legal Consultation

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and to facilitate smooth communication with customers living in distant places such as overseas, we have been temporally offering legal consultations and interviews through online internet video systems such as Skype or Zoom for some of our customers.

Since the consultation through the internet video system has been well received, we will continue to offer non-face-to-face legal consultations and interviews through the online internet video system.

  1. Contact for Online Legal Consultations:
    Please call us or use our contact form to make a reservation.
    Considering the content of your case, we will accept the online legal consultation only when we determine that it is possible to conduct an online interview remotely.
  2. Terms and Conditions of Online Legal Consultation:
    We use Skype or Zoom via an Internet connection. We do not accept telephone consultations.
  3. Submission of Photo Identification Document and Legal Consultation Form:
    Please submit a photo identification document (such as a copy of driver’s license or passport) and a legal consultation form before your online legal consultation date.
    In addition to these documents, if necessary, we may ask you to submit related documents in advance.
    By receiving those documents and understanding your current situation and what you want to discuss, we can conduct our consultation efficiently and beneficially for you.
  4. Legal consultation fees:
    Our fee for online legal consultation is 5,000 yen for thirty (30) minutes.
    Payment must be made by bank transfer in advance or QR code payment (Rakuten Pay, AU Pay, Paypay) by the day of your consultation.
    If the consultation lasts longer than 30 minutes, the additional fee, 5,000 yen for thirty (30) minutes, will be charged.
    It will be paid by QR code payment.

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