Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is an integral part of business. Problems can arise in unexpected places. For example, breach of contract, trouble at a shareholders’ meeting, defective products, trouble with customers, etc.

In many cases, these disputes can be prevented by signing the appropriate contracts and establishing a proper quality management scheme, but there are cases where it is necessary to try to resolve the dispute through legal processes such as negotiations and court procedures. Dispute resolution both by negotiation and by court procedures should be done in accordance with the contract and related laws. It should also be known that only a qualified lawyer can represent a client in the Japanese court.

The most important thing is to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. By hiring an appropriate lawyer, you can minimize the damage to your company.

Our representative attorney graduated from a U.S. law school and is able to deal with contractual problems based on both Japanese law and Common law.


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