Business Law

Contract drafting and legal checks

Let us help you draft English/Japanese contracts and conduct a legal check of English/Japanese contracts.
The most important thing you can do to ensure that your business runs smoothly in Japan, where the culture and laws are different, is to make a legally valid contract in place. Making a written contract is essential to maximize the growth of your business and avoid unexpected problems and disputes.

We will work with you to create an effective contract that is not just a general model contract, but one that is tailored to Japanese law, your business and your circumstances.

In cases where Japanese law is involved, as well as the laws of other countries, we carefully study the laws of the other party to avoid any disadvantages and draft a contract in Japanese, English or both, taking into account your requirements.

Business Succession/M&A

Business expansion, ever-changing social and economic conditions, and other factors may necessitate the acquisition or sale of a company.

Acquiring or selling a company, business succession or restructuring requires specialized knowledge and skills. For example, detailed works and preparation of documents such as due diligence on the target company, drafting of business transfer agreements and assistance with shareholders’ meetings, etc., are essential to ensure the necessary procedures.

We can assist you with the necessary procedures for M&A, business succession, etc. in both Japanese and English.

In addition, we provide a one-stop service for due diligence and accounting-related procedures in cooperation with our partner tax accountants.

Partners Advisory Agreement

We recommend an advisory contract for corporations and companies.

You can feel free to contact us by email, phone, or online through Zoom, for even minor questions or concerns, if you make an advisory contract with us. We also offer a program that offers legal advice for your employees and family members.
Having an appropriate legal counsel can also improve your company’s credibility externally.

Please take this opportunity to consider an advisory contract with our firm.

Start-Up Law Company Formation and Entrepreneurship

We have supported many international business owners/managers since our establishment. We are providing various support for foreigners who wish to start businesses in Japan, especially in Hokkaido.

If you are…

A person who wants to establish a company in Hokkaido,

A foreign company who wants to set up a branch office in Hokkaido, or

A person who wants to find an appropriate business partner in Hokkaido,

Please contact our office.

We will provide the necessary support for you, such as preparation of legal documents for establishing a company, assistance in raising capital, purchase or lease of real estate, drafting of contracts according to type of business, protection of intellectual properties, etc..

We can also introduce business partners to both Japanese and foreigners through our extensive connections.

We can also prepare employment contracts and work rules in both English and Japanese, which are essential when hiring employees.

We will provide customized legal services according to your business needs.

We look forward to helping you get started.

Trademarks & Patents

Our professional patent attorneys with experience in domestic and international trademark and patent applications are ready to assist you with your patent and trademark applications.

Please contact us if you are wishing to apply for a trademark or patent in Japan and other countries.


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